Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why Sonia Gandhi Resigned ?

Why Sonia Gandhi Resigned ?
She definitely knows that her seat is in danger why Because?
1) Chairmanship of NAC is an office of profit under the Parliament Act, Indeed Sonia was enjoying was more than that. It was office of super profit.
2) Advantage of Chairmanship of NAC- She earned free publicity at the expense of Central Govt.Which carried her picture in all official advertisement giving her greater prominence than Prime Minister.
3) Political Intelligence gathered by IB would first go to her office then to Prime Minister office.Political and bureaucratic appointments were made exclusively by her. That’s why some times she was called Super PM.
Is Sonia Sacrificed by resigning to Lok Sabha?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Meditation to Relieve Stress

The Connection between Mind and Body
The ancient practice of meditation has long been known as a way to heal the mind and body. In times of mental or physical stress, human beings have turned to the powers of meditation to quiet the mind and repair the body. There is a strong connection between the mind and the body, and when one is in pain, the other suffers also. Meditation can help establish a balance. Research has shown that meditation can have a beneficial impact on the health of an individual, and these positive effects are not limited to the body. When practiced regularly, it can greatly contribute to the health and well-being of not only the body but also the mind.
In today's fast-paced world, the use of meditation to relieve stress is common. In fact, as the practice of meditation gains in popularity, an increasing number of people from the jet-setting executive to the weary housewife are incorporating the exercise into their lives. In addition to using meditation to relieve stress, people practice it to combat the many concerns affecting the mind, and there is solid physiological evidence to support its success in doing so. With the regular exercise of meditation, you may experience some of the following positive effects: a decrease in anxiety, depression, irritability and moodiness, an increase in happiness and emotional stability, feelings of rejuvenation and vitality, and greater creativity. Many people have also reported a significant improvement in their ability to learn new things and retain information. You may find that with continued practice, meditation greatly improves your mental state and contributes to a profound sense of spirituality. The spiritual person often sees the world in a uniquely positive way and is well-equipped to handle life's challenges.
Though meditation is commonly known for its positive relation to a person's mind and spirituality, the practice can also have beneficial physical effects. Most likely, the first effect you will notice after repeated practice of meditation is an improvement in your flexibility which keeps your body responsive and functioning. There are other equally significant changes to your physical self that you might notice such as the following: improved air flow to the lungs making it easier to breath, a decreased level in blood pressure, lowered levels of cortisol and lactate (two chemicals associated with stress), a lower heart rate, reduction of free radicals which can cause tissue damage, and a drop in cholesterol. The regular practice of meditation can also slow down the aging process - especially noticeable in the elderly who often report major changes in their vitality.
Stress relief is not the only benefit you will experience with consistent practice of meditation. Meditation also has a profound effect on the mind and body by creating a balance that better prepares you to handle challenging situations. Meditation is easily exercised and requires little preparation or knowledge. To benefit your overall physical and mental health, take some time out for meditation and feel the power of a strong mind/body connection.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sonia Gandhi did it again!

This time no Indians will be surprised. Because it’s all Politics of Congress party specially Sonia Gandhi.I am talking about Sonia Gandhi’s resignation as MP and as National Advisory Committee yesterday. What she is going to prove by resigning and re-contesting from Rae-Bareli?. The loss is to people , in terms of conducting re-election huge amount of government money will be spent.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sania bags WTA's !!

Time is come to say good Bye to Sachin? I think so , as the statistics it self shows , Sachin is in full pressure to perform and he did't delevered his best. It's upto him to continue his career or take retirement , other wise he will be shown doors , as shown to Saurav .
Other side our Tennis star Sania Mirza the youth sensation is awarded with WTA's new comer of year award at Miami , It's really good news for Indian Tennis overs.Weldone Sania!

It's No Joke! (PART-II)

Studies also suggest that laughter positively affects rheumatoid arthritis by affecting the level of the condition as well as psychological benefits in controlling stress and stress related conditions. Perhaps the biggest discovery, published by S. Karger AG, Basel, is that laughter is now being proven to alleviate some of the lasting effects of heart attacks such as less medication and fewer repeat attacks with humor therapy of just thirty minutes per day. Can you imagine the impact?
Go ahead and laugh. Point and giggle, do it with pride and do it for your health. You may be preventing Diabetes when you cackle aloud. You could be keeping yourself from having a heart attack or stroke when you belly laugh to the point of tears. It's ok! It will be contagious and soon everyone around you will be laughing too. Life can sometimes be serious and tiring, but if you look around and can draw some laughter out of what may seem mundane you could possibly be helping your health. Learn a new joke and tell it to everyone you know no matter if you are a good joke teller or not! Join a Laughter Yoga class at your local 'Y' even! Go ahead, laugh! Your health can truly depend on it!

The Best Yoga (PART-II)

Better known as the (sandhichalana) is where the movement of joints come into play. This is performed and solely directed by yoga followers towards easing the joints. Joints are freed from stiffness by undergoing and practicing full movements which consist of hand neck and lower limb movements.
A yoga technique behind the relaxation exercise is to be able to deepen your concentration pattern which aims to help deter any interference that attracts your attention easily.
The Hong-Sau is another technique used which assists you further in focusing on the concealed powers of concentration. This is great yoga routine that can help you battle any meddling disturbances while at the same time providing you with a relaxed and calm feeling on the inside.
Each to their own on what exercise to exercise but one of the most popular is the Aum technique which stretches awareness far beyond any limitations that your body and mind creates. By maintaining an uninterrupted meditation mode you gain contentment.
Many of the techniques mentioned will not be advisable for the beginner so therefore guidance from a yoga master would be your best approach. Be sure to ask questions on different types of yoga and the techniques, this will help you decide which one to take up.
Check it out for yourself, go along to a local class in your area and watch just how many people are leaving you behind in claiming better body awareness and a content positive approach to life.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's No Joke! ( PART- I)

You go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath! Laughter has enormous amounts of health benefits ranging from affecting diabetes to lowering risks of heart attacks and everything in between!
In this modern world that we live in, full of medicinal remedies and medical breakthroughs, who would ever dream that something as simple as laughter could induce such amazing benefits to your health that could rival highly scientific compounds found in drugs of today?
The idea that laughter may have some serious benefits to our health may have been what spurned on many scientific research projects pertaining to the benefits of laughter on our bodies. Over the years, countless experiments have concluded with scientific data that laughter has one of the most astounding benefits for your health. We have heard about the positive impact animals and clowns have had on nursing home and terminally ill children. Scientists have taken that idea a step further. Experiments have been conducted on such things as type II Diabetes which is an increasing problem for many Americans today. A study done in Japan at the Foundation for Advancement of International Science, Bio-Laboratory, found that laughter helps regulate gene expression to help control type II Diabetes. This is a huge discovery. This means that laughter has such a homeopathic effect on even the gene expression on our DNA that perhaps if we were a happier sort the gene that causes type II Diabetes may possibly never be expressed. Granted, it will likely not take the place of insulin therapy, but it may be key in helping to prevent the disease.

The Best Yoga (PART-I)

The best technique for any person contemplating to take up yoga is not to contemplate but to concentrate - on how yoga and its techniques is escalating into a world wide epidemic where yoga exercises are helping ailing patients and others who seek peace of mind.
Understanding yoga is a lot less complicated than you could imagine but if you are thinking of taking up the practice then there are some yoga techniques you need to be aware of and apply through out the exercise Yoga is with out a doubt one of the most effective exercises performed to today in helping people to stay in shape and to keep fit and healthy. You will be surprised how yoga fits into your daily way of life due to the fact that is can be practiced almost anywhere and any time
People are genuinely taking more and more interest in keeping their fitness levels at a point where they are gaining a healthier lifestyle and this is all thanks to yoga. Yoga techniques are beneficial in servicing your body organs. Muscles, joints, glands, tissues are also maintained by some techniques of yoga. There are 5 yoga techniques which you may enjoy including into your workout these are meditation, relaxation, deep breathing, posture and movement of the joints. Every one of these yoga functions has it own technique.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Who is your next ?

Sony Entertainment Television's new edition of Indian Idol is at final stage, only last three contestant remaining , All three of them are Very talented in their own way . Have you voted for your favorite contestant ?

Are We Just Friends.. ?

The thought is troubling you day and night. You can hear her distant voice. And can stay wake through out night remembering her. Her thoughts cuddle you well. When you imagine her smiling you smile too and when you think of seeing her the next day you feel the night be over in a moment. She is there ...she is all around. And you want her to be there today, the next day and always. But now.....comes the toughest question....the smile fades... and remembering her brings trouble. You want to ask her for a date and you do not how she is going to respond. May be she agrees and may be a NO forever... even for friendship. Don't worry buddy...just go and open your heart. At least you will be happy that you expressed your feelings and were never behind curtains. And rest assured LOVE exists and for you people surely works out too.

Child Safety and Care

Child safety is at the top of everyone's mind. As babies, parents put up gates to keep their child from falling down steps or getting into the wrong areas of the home. As they get older, they can easily climb over these. So, we begin teaching them what the word 'no' is. They learn good and bad. As they grow, though, the challenges to parents are even larger and more difficult than ever. Many parents struggle with safety when their child enters school. Here are some tips to help you with this very trying time.
* Teach them right from wrong. Many children will do what everyone else is doing, just because it is the thing to do. Yet, if they are taught from the beginning that it is okay to be different and they know just what they should and should not be doing, this will help them to make the right choices. It is also important for you to take the time to teach them why something is good or bad. Understanding why can help them make the right choices too.
* Make sure that they know that they can come to you with their problems. Most parents find that if they allow their child to be open with them about their problems, they are more likely to know when their child need their help.
* Teach your child what they need to know about things like drugs, alcohol, predators as well as other issues that elementary as well as teenagers are likely to encounter. In today's schools, all of them, they will encounter everything. You will want them to know what to do when it comes across their path.
Child safety is something that is very challenging as there just are not many ways to completely insure that nothing happens to your child. Yet, you can provide for them the knowledge and the escape route for when they do need help. Educating your children is the best way to protect them.

Beauty Care

Beauty care products are designed to provide the level of beauty an individual is seeking but with the care that is needed to maintain healthy skin and hair. Care products offer a wide range of benefits to those that are looking for them. Take the time to find a solution to the needs that you have and you will see results. This is what they will usually promise. Beauty care products are a wide range of chemicals and natural elements that combine to do something beneficial to the body.
Do They Work?
The big question is, though, do beauty products actually work to improve the skin or the body in any other way? The answer to this question is not as easy as you may have thought. In fact, those that are considering a product should take a good look at what they are offering and then determine if they are what is most beneficial to the individual. For example, those that are looking for wrinkle help often have a wide range of anti aging products to choose from. They should carefully consider what is in the products that may make them work.
In many beauty products there are natural elements that are beneficial to the body in general. For some of them, they are full of vitamins and minerals that have what are called antioxidants in them. Antioxidants are well known healers in the body. They can help the body in many ways including helping to improve the look and the feel of the skin. These are often used as topical ointments or supplements that the individual will take. Beauty products often have a wide range of vitamins and minerals in them to help them to provide results.
When using any beauty product, individuals need to insure that it will not cause an allergic reaction on their skin. To know this, they need to simply take the time to test the product. To do this, take a small amount of the product and apply to a concealed area. Only a small amount should be applied. It is often recommended that individuals wait a full 24 hours to insure that the product will not harm them.
Beauty care is hard work. With so many products offering benefits, so many more that do not work and the high cost of them, it is no wonder that people are often confused by which things that they should use and what they should not use. Taking the time to find the benefits to their needs is ideal.

Congratulate' Sachin And Dravid!!

Say Sachin and Dravid heartily congrats for their contribution to Indian Cricket. Sachin now the India's most capped player playing his 132 test, only after Kapil Dev who played 131. Rahul Dravid popularly known as Wall or Mr.Consistence for his 100th test match today only sixth batsmen to do this After Sachin, Kapil,Vengasrkar,Anil Kumble and Gavaskar. Wish them to play for India for years to come. We can't forget them.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holi : Festival of colors

Some Beutiful pictures of holi festival celebrated all over India.

What salary You are expecting?

It's really mind blowing when I heard the student just passed out from IIM Bangalore is offered a salaryof $1,65000 PA ( Rs. 726000.00) !! it's really amazing , not the alone every student got some fantastic oppurtunitiesfrom worlds best companies . But one thing remain unanswered does the country is benefited from such things? Does these IIM's meant for High packet salaries ? They any options to serve their mother land?any answers?