Friday, March 17, 2006

Are We Just Friends.. ?

The thought is troubling you day and night. You can hear her distant voice. And can stay wake through out night remembering her. Her thoughts cuddle you well. When you imagine her smiling you smile too and when you think of seeing her the next day you feel the night be over in a moment. She is there ...she is all around. And you want her to be there today, the next day and always. But now.....comes the toughest question....the smile fades... and remembering her brings trouble. You want to ask her for a date and you do not how she is going to respond. May be she agrees and may be a NO forever... even for friendship. Don't worry buddy...just go and open your heart. At least you will be happy that you expressed your feelings and were never behind curtains. And rest assured LOVE exists and for you people surely works out too.


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