Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Best Yoga (PART-II)

Better known as the (sandhichalana) is where the movement of joints come into play. This is performed and solely directed by yoga followers towards easing the joints. Joints are freed from stiffness by undergoing and practicing full movements which consist of hand neck and lower limb movements.
A yoga technique behind the relaxation exercise is to be able to deepen your concentration pattern which aims to help deter any interference that attracts your attention easily.
The Hong-Sau is another technique used which assists you further in focusing on the concealed powers of concentration. This is great yoga routine that can help you battle any meddling disturbances while at the same time providing you with a relaxed and calm feeling on the inside.
Each to their own on what exercise to exercise but one of the most popular is the Aum technique which stretches awareness far beyond any limitations that your body and mind creates. By maintaining an uninterrupted meditation mode you gain contentment.
Many of the techniques mentioned will not be advisable for the beginner so therefore guidance from a yoga master would be your best approach. Be sure to ask questions on different types of yoga and the techniques, this will help you decide which one to take up.
Check it out for yourself, go along to a local class in your area and watch just how many people are leaving you behind in claiming better body awareness and a content positive approach to life.


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