Thursday, May 25, 2006

I spoke for poor farmers, no apologies: Aamir

Aamir Khan said Thursday that he will not apologise for 'speaking for poor farmers' affected by the Narmada dam project and criticised Gujarat's Govt dicision not to show his latest film 'Fanaa' in the state.

'Fanaa', set for a worldwide release Friday, will not be screened in Gujarat as the state's multiplex and cinema owners decided against releasing the film after a boycott call given by the youth wing of the BJP and supported by the opposition Congress.

'I have never commented on the construction of the dam in particular. I want that Gujarat and its neighbouring states receive more water. But at the same time, I also want that all those farmers who have lost their land (due to the dam project) should be rehabilitated first.

'If the political party thinks that banning my film is the right decision, they can go ahead with it. I love the people of the Gujarat and I will feel bad for them because they will not get to see my film.'

He appealed to the people of the state to come forward and join hands with him.

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