Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Saif opts out of Qurbani remake

Saif Ali Khan has chosen to walk out of Feroz Khan’s remake of the 1980’s hit 'Qurbani'.The original movie revolved around the life of two friends, played by Feroz Khan and Vinod Khanna. Saif was to play the role of Vinod Khanna in the remake.
According to sources, Saif apparently opted out of the film because of some date problems. Saif has dates only after May 2007, while Feroz Khan has planned to start the film this year itself. Fardeen Khan will be seen playing the part of Feroz Khan in the remake.
Besides it seems like Khan Senior just can’t resist the temptation of facing the camera. Apparently, Feroz Khan will also star in the Qurbani remake, but this time, he will play the role of a police inspector in the film, the role which was originally played by Amjad Khan.


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