Friday, June 09, 2006

Phir Hera Pheri review

Comedy is the flavor of the season. And sequels are rare in India. So if a dream merchant decides to make a sequel to an immensely popular laughathon, you fasten your seat belts and wait with bated breath for reels to unfold on the screen.

PHIR HERA PHERI is the sequel to HERA PHERI involving the famous trio -- Raju [Akshay Kumar], Shyam [Suneil Shetty] and Baburao [Paresh Rawal]. Only thing, the film has not been directed by Priyadarshan [who directed HERA PHERI], but Neeraj Vora, who has penned a number of Priyadarshan movies.

The question uppermost on everyone's lips is, Does PHIR HERA PHERI pale when compared to the predecessor? Or does it provide more laughs, gags and punches and lives up to the humungous expectations?

Before we answer the question on whether or not PHIR HERA PHERI works, let's get one thing straight. In keeping with the trend of laughathons that are the order of the day [NO ENTRY, GARAM MASALA, MALAMAAL WEEKLY et al], PHIR HERA PHERI also embarks on an identical route. Meaning, don't look for logic in the film, leave your thinking caps at home, never look for answers, rationale or reasons…

PHIR HERA PHERI doesn't promise to be different. It packs in ample laughs, illogical situations, rib-tickling sequences and witty one-liners in those 2.30 hours. In fact, writer-director Neeraj Vora borrows everything available on the shelf and comes up with a plot that may sound silly to a few, but nonetheless succeeds in its endeavor of making people laugh.

Comparisons with HERA PHERI are inevitable. However, since there has been a substantial gap between the two parts, PHIR HERA PHERI still stands out as a comic caper that's amusing and entertaining. Watch the frolics of the three buffoons [Raju, Shyam, Baburao] and how they goof up yet again and you'd agree, PHIR HERA PHERI is a sure-shot paisa-vasool entertainer!

HERA PHERI ended with the trio [Raju, Shyam, Baburao] receiving a hefty sum in the end. So what did the trio do with all the money? Did they live happily ever after? Or did they become greedy for more? PHIR HERA PHERI takes off from here… [ IndiaFm]


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